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Why So Curious?

Born in Edinburgh and raised in the Scottish Borders, Lucy has spent the last 17 years living in Edinburgh.

She holds a BA (Hons) in History and English Literature and is currently studying for an MSc in History. She works in an Edinburgh museum, and likes to know all the things.

Perhaps it was spending some of my youth watching shows such as 90s TV classic Strange But True?.

Or being captivated by cemeteries and who these people were, how they lived but also how people think about death.

Possibly it began with being intrigued by crime and the darker side of the history when venturing to historical sites and museums around the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh, or on the many trips to York we took as youngsters. Or finding out a serial killer was caught near my home.

Maybe it was starting my love of horror films by watching The Amityville Horror (1979) when I was under 10 (followed by Disney’s Aladdin to chill us out!).

In any case, I have always had a fascination with learning about the obscure, creepy, true crime and the morbid.

On walks, I find the beauty in nature creeping in on manmade structures captivating, constantly wondering – what used to be here? Who has passed through here?

Medical history has always fascinated me – what people believed in the past, and the history of pathology and diseases. How this is shown in art, anatomical or otherwise.

During school I never really put in as much work in as I probably could have, usually wanting to learn about topics not taught in the classroom – whether this was the obscure or just history a white British school system did not teach.

All of this has contributed to wanting to start a place where I could bring some of these interests in, by researching random places, weird events, dark stories, or stories of people that are maybe not shared as much. From Scotland and further afield. From the Early Modern Period 1500-1800, to Victorian and more Contemporary History.

Stories that may not be commonly told, that would normally need to be found rather than be told. Perhaps snippets in to these stories will entice people to learn more, or even just give someone something new to read!

I hope you enjoy being curious too!

Disclaimer: This blog is a personal project and is not affiliated with anyone else. I will link and cite any information researched, where appropriate. I wanted a place to note subjects I am curious about, and if someone else finds this a place of learning (or enthusiasm to learn more about specific topics) then all the better!

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