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Centralia: the 60-year-old fire

Nearly 60 years ago a coal mine fire began under the borough of Centralia, Pennsylvania. It continues to burn today. Now an abandoned near-ghost town, the fire could burn for over 250 years. It is thought that the fire began when, in May 1962, residents used an old strip mine on the edge of Centralia... Continue Reading →

Historic Hospitals of Edinburgh

As a youngster back in the 90s, I had to visit the hospital as an out-patient (after an operation) on several occasions. Back then it was the Edinburgh City Hospital, based in Colinton, which closed in the middle of my visits, where I then got transferred for check-ups at St John’s in Livingston. As a... Continue Reading →

From Saturn to Santa

Celebrations around mid-winter and the winter solstice go far back in history, being marked in many ways, longer than the 2,000 since the stated birth of Christ. In the year 340AD, Pope Julius I fixed the date of Jesus’s birthday to 25 December, with at least three other dates being used to mark the date... Continue Reading →

“The bad man”

Last Friday, the 13 November, some of you may have noticed that the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, aka the Yorkshire Ripper, died in prison. Around the time of his killings, my mum and some mothers of friends were around the age of his victims and remember it quite clearly. One even bought their first car... Continue Reading →

Legends of the doll

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year. The autumnal season itself, alongside the traditions and beliefs around Samhain. I also like all things a bit dark and creepy. One particular memory from my youth was at the age of 13, when I had friends round to watch some horror movies. The Blair Witch... Continue Reading →

A Lister Surgical Instruments

('A list' of, geddit?!) As part of my University degree, I studied Early Modern History, and one specific topic was medicine and beliefs around that period, sparking more interest in a subject I was already fascinated by. Being born in Edinburgh, and resident here for the last 16 years, has made me notice more regarding... Continue Reading →

Medicine & Disease – a peek at the Poster

Image: A photo of a 1918 poster issued by Alberta's Provincial Board of Health alerting the public to the 1918 influenza epidemic.Image credit: Alberta Board of Health, Wikimedia Commons When learning about Inchkeith Island and St Kilda, I was reintroduced to a previous fascination of mine – looking at old disease and medical posters.  I... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Pendant

This week’s post is a little different. I am going to share a story from a friend, a wee story of mystery and intrigue via the discovery of a family pendant. Image: Stanhope necklace pendant, thought to be made c. 1870sPhoto credit: L Morrison “A woman used to live inside that pendant” Being told this... Continue Reading →

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